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Recently I sat myself down and got in the zone. I had Hello – Adele blasting, and had my notepad and pen ready. I wrote a list of blog posts I wanted to write, now I’m dedicating a LOT of my time to this from now on 🙂 – Which I’m super excited about – and I decided I wanted to have a Lifestyle section of my blog. I’ll talk about personal experiences, personal facts, things I’d tell younger me, places I’ve traveled too, etc, etc…

I thought I’d do a then and now post. Get to know old me, and present me. (Side note: I’ve changed a lot!!) and my past fashion looks?? (could you call them looks??) mistakes? and some fashion achievements!!! We all change as we go from 13 to 19, so expect a massive shift!

I’m going to be using pictures from my high school days (ahhh). I didn’t wear much make-up, I was very ‘unique’ you could say, I had jet black hair also. I had crazy music taste, but got to know my love for Taylor Swift through high school. (Side not #2: Fearless helped me through my first proper heartbreak. Bless 14 year old Jess. Bless – Teardrops On My Guitar on repeat for AGES)

school 1

Ok, so I look like a rocker, and have a Justin Bieber poster…. idek?

Forward on to 15…

school 2

Myself and my friend Emily on the right —->
(At this point in my life I found my L O V E for bear hats, I still wear them to this day. This year I got a really cool kitten knitted beanie, its super cute! Topshop £13. I was also wearing hair extensions on this photo because I regretted dying my hair black, dyed it blonde and ginger, then all my hair literally snapped off. A MASSIVE NO NO. You can never go from black to blonde. DO YOU HEAR ME? Head and shoulders that shit before you put bleach on it. Trust me. I spent over £80 on hair extensions in a result).

school 3

I also experimented with winged eyeliner. It took me a while, but once you get there, you’ve got it for life. I spend.. 20-30 seconds a day now in a morning (or afternoon) when im getting ready on eyeliner. It takes zero time at all now. KEY: YOU CAN GET TIPS OFF YOUTUBE BUT YOU DO NEED TO LEARN FOR YOURSELF. I ALSO LIKE TO DO MY EYELINER AND EYE-MAKEUP BEFORE FACE SINCE EYE-SHADOW ONLY FALLS UNDER YOUR EYES AND YOUR CHEEKS, I NEED TO REST MY HAND ON MY CHEEK TO GET MY EYELINER PERFECT BECAUSE MY HAND SHAKES D:

school 4
Myself and my friend Nerissa on the right.

This is 16 year old Jess. This is probably where I was the strongest and happiest, before I got sick properly, at the period where i’d shaken off (no taylor swift pun intended) the mean people, and focused for once on what made me happy and I didn’t care 🙂 – I still wish my eyebrows wouldn’t have been as thin though, damn it.

This was after prom, before college! – I dyed my hair blonde, and i’d just been on holiday :((((( depressing, lets move on.

*i loved my blonde hair though*

Move on to college, when I embraced my inner indie quite literally. I loved beanies, I dyed my hair dark very dark, and loved James Dean an awful lot. Oh, I also got a lip piercing ^^^^ 17 year old me was cool.

uni 1

This picture was taken within the first two months of moving to University. Unfortunately I have to take my studies from home now which sucks, but I loved loved loved my first year. It meant so much to me! I had very much an indie style first year of Uni, its what I was known for. Or unique items of clothing, or styles. I like that about myself. I like being diverse with my style and mixing it up, i find it to be healthy to dress how you want too, and to experiment.


Aaaaand this is 19 year old Jess 🙂 Newly found out to be chronically ill, no longer really gives a f#£k what people think about her illness, or her. I’m comfortable within my own skin, or at least still learning to be – I love doing make-up on people, and myself. I love trying out new products and rating them to my friends, I love writing, so I wanna combine both with this site 🙂 I love fashion, I love hair. My hair has gone through an awful lot in my teenage years that are coming to a close soon which is going to be super strange. Ive gone from brown to black to red to black to brown to blonde to black to blonde to brown to ombre. *BREAAAATHES*

Let me know what fashion disasters you’ve had in your teenage years. Remember, 13 year old Jess was 100% emo in every way possible. 🙂 No secrets here.



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