Splurge out or Save coins? Makeup Edition.

Hi everyone,

So today I’m going to be discussing  the ‘splurge or save’ topic with lots of different beauty products. Some products I do feel like the extra bit of money is worth it, but with others, saving is definitely the better option. I thought I’d do a shopping based blog post whilst it is Black Friday, and people will be looking online for the best deals on boots, superdrug, amazon, etc, but sometimes it’s better saving the penny’s – some products are better than others, and will still be cheaper than big branded names, even in the black friday sales.

Foundation’s a tricky one with me. I like a matte finish, I usually stick with Rimmel London Stay Matte Liquid Mousse Foundation is my favourite of all time (no lie – ive had 7 tubes so far). It’s only £5.99 from boots, so in my opinion, why shop around for foundations? But sometimes your usual can get boring and I do like to experiment, inbetween having used Stay Matte by Rimmel I have cheated (sorry!!!!!) and gone on to purchase other, more expensive foundations, some have done the job, some haven’t, it really depends on you, and your skin. No.7 Protect and Perfect Foundation was one I ‘splurged’ on, and I did like it. It was £16.50, and although it was a good foundation, I questioned whether it was worth the money, it didnt give me the full coverage I wanted (nor did the Hello Flawless! By Benefit, I usually love benefit, but this foundation is specifically for brightening and creating that ‘glow’)

Answer: Like I said, it honestly depends on you and your skin, even down to how you want it to look when dried. I prefer matte, some people prefer a glow. BB Creams are also useful too look into, again, because I like good coverage (due to severe under eye circles and red cheeks!) I don’t tend to go for a BB Cream for a night out, or even all day coverage, but if i’m too tired to get ready for University it’s a good go too. (BB Creams can be found at a pretty decent price too!)


Concealer is from the gods I swear. I wear concealer even if I don’t wear foundation, and I use Rimmel London Wake Me Up Concealer in the same shade I purchase my foundation, sometimes a shade lighter. In contrast to the matte foundation, this concealer is everything a good concealer should be. It’s light-weight, it doesnt dry into creases, it brightens under your eye and drastically reduces redness and dark circles, and that’s coming from someone who has very bad dark circles. It retails at £5.49, again another one you can save on. But on the other hand, there’s so many other good concealers out there – and I don’t own just one. It goes from day to day. Touche Eclat is perfect for brightening not only your eye area, but the rest of your face. Personally I only use a tiny bit under my eyes because nobody wants to look like they’ve fallen asleep with their sunglasses on do they? But it’s also perfect for contouring. The nose, under the eyes, the forehead and sometimes the cheekbones. It prices at £22.50 at the moment on the Boots website. Finally, one other concealer I think was made in heaven (personally) is the Benefit Erase Paste (and also Boi-ing – depending on what area its being used – also check out this handy little pocket sized beauty – 😀 ) Benefit Erase Paste retails at £20.50, and really fixes up my eye area, especially when i’m very tired, my mum liked this product also. The only thing we both discussed as a negative was it has a bit of a heavy formula, and if you wore too much it looked as though your eye area was caked! So be very easy on how much you use, and I would also suggest your ring finger for under your eyes, as its a delicate area, or a concealer brush. I find Boi-ing better for spots and breakouts.


Personally, bronzer for me, can’t be cheap. Bronzer is used for contouring, adding a harmless glow to your face and I honestly think it finishes a look off perfectly (unless your wearing blush, of course). But i’ve always favored bronzer over blusher. I personally would splash on it, and I use the Too Faced Natural Face Palette. I have to admit, the bronzer in the palette is the best i’ve ever used, I currently own two of these palettes purely for bronzer. I preferred it over the St Tropez bronzer! (and thats saying something).

Answer: Never not splash out on bronzer. You don’t want too look orange 😉 Also get a good brush. I love to use The Makeup Revolution Pro F105 Contour Brush – Considering your paying a decent amount on the bronzer, I genuinely thought I would have to get an expensive contour brush, I was mistaken. Makeup Revolution brushes are some of the best brushes I’ve ever used, besides Eco tools. They’re extremely soft, and I read good reviews everywhere so thought ‘why not’, at £3.49 you really can’t complain. 🙂


I personally have swayed opinions on this. I bought Loreal’s Million Lashes mascara and loved it in high school, then went off it pretty fast. I went between Rimmel Day To Night Mascara and lots of different MaxFactor ones until I decided on one mascara, and honestly, I’ve been trying out different ones for years and years, and Amazing Curl Lash by Makeup Revolution has been the best i’ve ever tried. Again, my mum agreed, and lots of friends have too. It actually curls your lashes without having to use any other tools.

Answer – Mascara isn’t worth spending more than £6/£7 MAX, in my opinion. When I go on a night out/a meal/anything not uni/work based I wear false eyelashes anyway a lot of the time. My mascara use is used purely for a day-to-day quick go-to.

What are your opinions? Splurge or Save? Personally I think i’ve summed up that I believe you can get great products in a drug store for a very affordable price. Some things are worth splurging for though, especially around Christmas time. So get your shopping on, and find some great Black Friday deals!!!!


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