Hello December

Good morning, and happy December πŸŽ„ We are now officially in the Christmas season (not like we could escape it allllllll the way through November anyway – but seriously, the John Lewis advert gave me tears) but now it’s December 1st, my advent calendars door with the little number ‘1’ has been popped open, and we can officially have chocolate for breakfast, yay!

I love December – it’s always so cosy. Peppermint coffee, advent calenders, gingerbread men, carols, Father Christmas, oh and… lights lights and more LIGHTS!! I feel like the ‘feeling’ I get in December is a lot different to any of the other months of the year. If I had to label Decembers feeling it would be ‘warm’ or ‘family’, ‘safe’ it’s always been a favourite time of year for me and I have nothing but lovely happy memories from Christmas as a child. Which I hope is the case for most people! 

Are you looking forward to Christmas? If not, why? What do you do that makes Christmas special for you and your loved ones? πŸ™‚



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