Late Night Thoughts

As humans we tend to go back to what is familiar too us. Familiarity has a nice little spot warmed in our hearts, we love it, we crave it. The way you feel when you see a loved ones face, or you’re driving through your home-town smiling at the old buildings still around town. Your coffee brand you drink every single day, to the cardigan that is so snug (and bobbly) because you’ve owned it so long and can’t get rid of it. I noted this as my downfall in relationships.

When I get familiar with something, no matter how toxic it is to me, or the people around me, I can’t get rid of it. Like an addiction of sorts. I craved that home-like feeling when the feeling was long fading away between the both of us. 

I think as humans that’s what we struggle with the most. Letting go. Sometimes the most toxic things in life are the things we think we need. Sometimes it’s love, sometimes it’s friendship. People battle with addictions to things everyday, and we can’t let go of them. Not easily anyway. As humans it’s our weakness.

Letting go is what forms us as people and thickens our skin. It will strengthen us in the long run. 



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