First Monday of December – I’m Still Going!

Wow, we’re into our final month of 2015. I’ve looked back on this year and realised what a rollercoaster it’s been! The main event was where everything health wise eventually (after years of battle) came to a conclusion where I got an answer, but I didnt even realise that from then on it would be a long long battle, which is hard. But I ‘ve also realised through my diagnosis what it is I actually want to do with my life, and despite everything I feel a lot more confident in myself. I’ve had a bad time in my health for a long while now, and it’s getting bumpier and bumpier, but all I can say is I’m strapped in for the ride. So many young people suffer with these illnesses and get wrongly  diagnosed and depressed for years – as I was. In the new year I plan to help raise awareness for young people with chronic illnesses and disabilities – and help raise money so we can find a cure for POTs (because continuously feeling sick, depressed, tired, dizzy and stupid after a while does get slightly boring).

Come @ me doctors and nurses with your very sharp needles *whimpers a little*

I’m still alive! Partially.

Cheerful Spotify Playlists are getting me through the days ✨What are your favourite songs/go-to playlists?

(Remember: I’m looking for bloggers to team up with. Email me for more info @

Burts Bees Products are always a key to happiness✨ they keep your skin moisturised, especially during the colder weather.

Being a POTs patient is expensive work. Compression stockings are how much without asking for any funding ??????


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