– 10 things that make my world go round –

We all need things that help our own little world keep spinning around. Every single on of us. Whether those things are materialistic, food related or family, we all need these things to help us get by day after day. I’m not going to go into all the soppy things, although some will be, I’m thinking of it from a perspective of ‘If I had to choose 10 things that I literally could not go without (besides the basics like breathing and what not)… what would they be?’ These are 10 things that make my world go round 🙂


10. My Friends.

Cliché, I know. But thinking about it, I literally couldn’t cope without the people that are stood beside me day in, day out, no matter what happens, or how life changes, they’ll always be there, and always accept me for me. The one’s that understand, forgive and forget and have the biggest heart imaginable. If you’re reading this and we’re close YES I’M TALKING TO YOU. THANKYOU. Honestly, I don’t know how I would have coped with the last 2 months or so without people checking in on me and helping me get by, it’s been hard, my life seems to have an awful lot of obstacles (in recent years anyway), but they’ve understood, never judged, they’ve give me my time, and knew that I’d come to them when I was ready, sometimes people need space to breathe and to adjust, and my friends knew this, and waited for me to gather myself and understood when I couldn’t talk about what was on my mind, or when I got frustrated and angry with myself. Thankyou for being understanding and never being judgmental. THANKYOU.My friends will honestly never understand what they mean too me, every single last one of them, old and new. Even after fall-outs and miscommunication – they’ll always be there without a question and never make me feel like I’m annoying or not good enough. 🙂 My heart bursts thinking about those people ❤

9. Taylor Swift

I honestly wouldn’t have gotten through High School if it wasn’t for Taylor’s ‘Fearless’ album. She’s an amazing artist and taught me so much about life and how to deal with things. An absolute inspiration.

8. Rimmel ‘Wake Me Up’ Concealer

Okkkkkkk, so we’re slowly going back into beauty products (lol) but seriously I could not go without this concealer. It’s been the best I’ve ever used. Everyone that’s close to me (close enough to see me without make-up on anyway…) knows that I suffer with redness and really really dark under eye circles, and this has been a miracle worker for me. If I was stranded on a desert island, I would ask for this before anything else (welllll… maybe not food, but I hope you get the idea how much I love it). If you suffer with under eye circles USE THAT SHIT. IT’S AMAZING.

7. My iPhone

I’m soooooo 21st century now. I’ve always had a mobile since I was 13 so my parents could keep in contact with me, and I got my first iPhone at 16 when I finished school and never looked back. I swear I won’t buy another brand now, yes there’s better brands out there… but they aren’t iPhones…

6. Twitter

Who thought of the amazing idea to # things? I’ll marry them. Twitter is such an amazing way to communicate, not only that, but celebrities go on it AND YOU CAN SEE WHAT THEY’VE POSTED. When I joined twitter YEARS ago I thought this concept was amazing. I go on it every single day, and its done the world of wonders for my blog. Honestly Twitter > Facebook.


I’ve always been a MASSIVE animal lover since I was a child. I asked and asked and asked for a dog for years until my parents finally caved in and bought one. I don’t understand people who aren’t dog people, or cat people, or animal people in general. I LOVE ANIMALS OK.

4. God

Again, cliché. I am a catholic, but I don’t really ever go to Church (I know, I’m sorry). But that doesn’t mean I don’t believe and don’t pray. A lot of views that the Catholic Church have I dont particularly agree with. But I do believe there’s a God, I do believe Jesus was real and walked this earth, and I do believe we have an afterlife. It’s something that’s very personal to me so I’ve only discussed my views with people who will 100% not push any other views on me or put me down for what I believe in, but I’m a massive Spirit Science fan, and I do believe even if there isn’t a ‘God’ as such, there is a ‘being’ that is the reason we’re here today. So many questions puzzle my mind like consciousness, we quite literally cannot explain it, not even Science can give a proper accurate explanation. I do believe we have a soul, and it contributes to so much that makes us, who we are. I have to admit – I do also believe that spirits can come back to earth, I never believed this until I saw something that I could not explain – and like what many many others say – it completely changed me and my views. Many people agree or disagree with my views, but they’re personal to me, and I’m still figuring them out as I grow as a person.

3. My Parents

My Parents are my rocks. There’s not much else I can say. I wouldn’t be here without them in so many ways, they love me, they care for me, they do everything they can to support and keep me happy. Of course we argue, and of course things get tough, but at the end of the day they only have my best interests at heart. I’ve always appreciated my mum, but as I’ve gotten older and moved away to Uni, you forget to call or don’t come home as much as you should, but no matter what she’s my number 1. The same for my dad. They’re my bestest friends that nobody could ever replace.


Ok, so we’ve gathered I’m Catholic and believe in Jesus so of course Christmas is a holiday I celebrate. But in general Christmas has always been my favourite time of year, I can remember Christmas’s from as long back as 1999. I loved joining in nativity plays (I WAS NEVER MARY… EVER) and I loved when Santa was the biggest most exciting person in the world! Oh the excitement of not being able to sleep on Christmas Eve just fills me with the warmest feeling!!! Even though it’s a holiday for the birth of baby Jesus, it’s also the holiday of giving, and the holiday of quality family time (the best memories are always of Christmas – mine is when we caught fire to the table during dinner and got it on camera… hilarious, it still makes me laugh to this day). The one’s closest to you all gather round and spend quality time together when through-out the year everyone is usually too busy to get together. I just love Christmas. The whole meaning of it, the presents, the giving, the food, the decorations, the family time, everyone’s always happy, all your problems go out the window, even just for that one day.

1. Fluffy Socks.

No lie. Honestly. Fluffy socks and slippers are heaven, there’s not much else to say. Fluffy socks make my world go round and I am not ashamed to say it. AND WHAT?!

What are the most important things to you in the world? What could you not do without?! Let me know in the comments. Remember to like, reblog, share this post if you liked it ❤






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