Dysautonomia Feels

I wrote a blog post on my Dysautonomia struggle a few weeks back, and I just wanted to go back to that subject and comment a little more on it since I’ve been given the opportunity to write for a UK Pots Charity and I couldn’t be more happy that I’m being given a voice and a platform. I’m going to be writing this also as part of my University module involving my Blog and I’m also feeling slightly nervous about it… as… well… once it’s out there it’s public! Yikes!
I had this same feeling a year and a half ago when Hello Giggles published my piece on Mental Health and my battle with that (which unknown to me at the time was caused by my Dysautonomia). I had a massive sense of relief and like a weight had been lifted as soon as I started receiving messages off people via Twitter and Facebook, telling me what a great job I’d done and how they had felt the exact same and it was nice to not feel so alone anymore. I guess I’m lucky that I’m a writer and when I’m going through issues in my life I can write about them, but what many people don’t know is that I’m actually very reserved about putting my issues out there, but I figured, if I feel like that and I’m confident in my writing, how many other people feel like that and have no voice? So that’s whats pushing me to tell my story and to get it out there, so people don’t feel so alone.

It will take a while to get everything down and to be able to express how my life has changed in the last 4 years, and how I’ve gotten to where I am now. I just want people who are suffering to know that feeling like this is normal. It takes approx 7 years to get a diagnosis, and obviously as time goes on, you can get worse. Some people’s symptoms are stable, but mine have gone from severe joint pain, to depression, to anxiety, to fainting, to panic attacks, to blood pooling in my body. Everyones different, but one thing we all have in common is that we’re going through this battle together.

I’ll keep you updated with everything I’m going through from the medical side, as well as when the post will be published. Remember,if you’re going through a hard time right now, trust me on this, you’re not alone, ever.

If you’re having trouble with depression, anxiety, a chronic illness, anything like that, there’s always going to be charities and blog posts on these issues. Make sure you follow as many as you can and surround yourself with positive things. 🙂




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