The Chronic Tale of the Chronically Sick

Chronically ill, and broken hearted,
Hospital beds, and treatment to be started.

How long can I sleep, before waking up in one piece?
26 hours to be exact, but it doesn’t give me any release.
How far can I walk, without falling down?
Because once I fall down, the earth doesn’t make a sound.

How much water and salt, can one body take?
Gallons won’t do much, I’m already starting to break.
And how many people, can one person truly lose?
Enough when they release, they don’t want to walk in your shoes.

Failed relationships, and tests, I ask, how much more stress?
My body can only take so much, my heart feels much less.
Swollen feet and sickness, this is our life,
So much anger and hatred, like 50 cuts from a knife.

You ask, how can she be sick, when she looks just fine?
You work long hours, and shifts, and then wonder why I whine.
The pain is deep inside, somewhere you cannot see,
So how can you judge me, as I fall down on my knee’s?

Everywhere hurts, and everywhere swells,
We silently judge on those with the littlest of dwells,
Though we don’t judge much, because… no we can’t,
We wouldn’t wish this on anyone, no matter how much we rant.

Before you comment on the lady, parking in the disabled bay,
You see her smile to her husband, but her hearts filled with dismay,
You can’t see her illness, her pride shines through,
She’s waited 5 day’s to get out, this much is true.

We sleep for days, we cry for nights,
There’s only so much we can lose, oh, these countless fights.
Don’t worry about us though, we’ll be just fine,
But we can’t cure our hurt, with a bottle of wine.

Sober and numb, it’s all too soon for me,
I was happy and active, now I swim in a cold, black sea.
No boyfriend to be heard of, which friends can I see?
I’m the girl with the drip in her arm, in the soaked through tee.

Chronically ill, and broken hearted,
Hospital beds, although my life has just started.



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