Winter Skincare Routine

Whilst it’s now January, I decided to do a post on my favourite skincare products and how I use them day-in day-out as part of my routine for keeping my skin fresh, hydrated and not flaky and dry. Winter always seems to dry my skin out where-as in summer I have no problems at all with my skin, it tans easily and never really dry’s out or flakes (even after being in the sun!) So I have to take extra special care of my skin during these months, and these are my top picks on products, and how I use them. Enjoy!


  1. First, let me start with the Burts Bee’s facial cleansing towelettes. These price at £6.49, which is more than I usually spend on facial wipes – I always purchased Boots own or another cheap brand, but I found that they really hurt my skin afterwards and dried my face out even more, which isn’t good. But since getting these wipes they honestly have really worked well with getting rid of excess oil and removing my face make-up. They also work well with eye make-up but be extra careful as they can sting your eyes! They smell amazing and leave my skin feeling fresh for a while after usage. I like to use these first after a long day as they get rid of the most make-up. Handy tip: If you want them to last longer, cut them in half. I usually use 2 towelettes per night when taking off my make-up.
    All in all, I love these wipes, they aren’t dry like other brands and are very handy to have, even on the go.
  2. Lord&Berry Make-Up Removing Cream.  I love Lord&Berry purely for their lipsticks, I always have and through browsing the web I found out they had a Make-Up Remover Cream out that I just had to try. Now I love remover creams, they feel so much more delicate on your face and can leave your skin feeling so soft, and usually do a good job of getting the make-up off that wipes miss so I thought I’d give it a go a while back, and wow. I love it. I usually use this 2nd when removing my make-up, and as it was expensive I use only a tiny amount to get rid of the last traces of make-up, especially around the nose and chin area, and it works perfectly. High recommended. (Also: It has a lovely scent too it. So if you have sensitive skin, I would swerve this product as it might not react well).
  3. After removing my make-up, I like to use the Simple Moisturizer lotion. It leaves your skin feeling lovely and soft and it can be used for any skin type as it has no perfume in it.
  4. Finally, I like to use It’s Potent Eye Cream by Benefit. A little pricey, yes, but 100% worth it. I’ve used this eye cream most days now for over 2 years, and it works wonders. I suffer naturally from dark circles under my eyes so I wouldn’t miss this out in my beauty routine. It’s really helped with my dark circles, and it’s lived up to my expectations. It’s lightweight, none-greasy and sinks well into the skin without stinging (as the eye area can be very delicate).




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