Opinions on Medical Marijuana

Medical Cannabis/Marijuana is a touchy subject for a lot of people.
On one hand, you have the people who are open minded and aren’t against it for medical or recreational use and see no harm in a plant being sold/distributed by the state. I share this view. But on the other hand you have people completely opposed too it, and don’t want a Class B drug legalised, and then you have all the people in the middle who have views from both sides but can’t really make their mind up on the topic. You get fed a lot of information on cannabis, some true, some … not so true. So let me clear things up a little bit for those of you wanting to know more.

This is purely from a personal perspective. Any information used within this post has been double AND triple checked.

From being a child I can remember very vividly all the news headlines and the warnings off both my parents, and other family members.
I can remember the ‘Cannabis kills your brain cells‘ talks, and ‘don’t smoke pot or you’ll lose your mind‘, or ‘Only chavs smoke Pot‘ but none of these statements are 100% true.

Put it this way, if we’re going to do a scientific study of cannabis to prove something, and we do it on monkeys, and then very nearly completely intoxicate them with 30 marijuana joints per day for around 90 days, a human will die, never mind a monkey.
The monkeys began to waste and die with hardly any oxygen, so of course it’s going to cause brain damage, that would happen to anyone. The brain damage was later proven not to have been a cause of the cannabis used in the study. More to do with… well… suffocating the poor monkeys!

The things we are told by the media aren’t always accurate – and that’s why I clash with my mother so much on the topic, and as a planet we get brainwashed by those in power and the media, into believing certain things that aren’t 100% accurate or true.

The term Medical Cannabis or Medical Marijuana refers to the ‘use of Cannabis and its Cannabinoids to treat disease or improve symptoms’. The only issue is the use of cannabis as a medicine has not been rigorously scientifically tested, often due to the restrictions in its law although Cannabis has been proven to help over 70 different conditions including Cancer, Arthritis, MS, right down to my conditions which are primarily PoTs, Fibromyalgia, CFS/ME and a suspected autoimmune disorder.
It helps with my pain, my sickness, it helps me sleep, it helps with my appetite amongst so many other benefits.

As an example, I will use myself and my health condition to explain further how it has helped me. I started smoking back when I was 17 as a recreational every now and then thing, and now at age 19 I have been to Amsterdam and seen what a country can really be like with it de-criminalised, and that’s when I really got into researching the benefits of it, even before I fell ill last year.

Now I smoke it more than every now and then, and it really has helped relieve an awful lot of my symptoms. Cannabis smoked in a pipe helps me relax, and focus, it also helps with the widespread muscular pain that I suffer with, which can be unbearable at times and steers me off other medications that are addictive such as Tramadol.
It helps my appetite, and I can eat a full meal without feeling bloated and being in pain afterwards, or feel my blood pooling in my abdomen.
It has actually helped me get to sleep at a normal time and wake up at a normal time feeling refreshed after such a deep sleep, and I find it hard to sleep through the night sometimes without waking up crying in pain that I can’t move.

If you go on the Talk To Frank site, and go onto the ‘Cannabis’ section, there’s a lot of stories and info on the drug for young people to read, and learn more about. One particular paragraph caught my eye a while back now, and it states: “Cannabis effects how your brain works. It can make you feel very anxious and even paranoid, it can make it difficult for you to concentrate and learn, make your memory worse and make you feel less motivated“. Now, this is true to an extent. Like alcohol, or any other type of drug, it affects every single person differently. Take a bottle of wine (for example) and share it between 3 friends, one could get emotional, one could become a happy drunk and one could be the drunk that is just dying for a kebab. Just like alcohol, cannabis affects each person differently. I have a friend (who wouldn’t mind me using him/her as an example) who suffers with anxiety, and can’t smoke weed as it brings on his/her panic attacks. Then take me for an example, I suffer with anxiety and smoking cannabis helps me relax, and I haven’t ever felt paranoid or on edge whilst high (besides the odd few times where I’ve not been in the right environment and I’ve only felt anxious about being caught, because its illegal, no other reason). My memory is great, and my concentration is even better. If I have one joint, and turn my laptop on, I can complete an essay of University work because I’m so into what I’m learning and writing about, where-as other people may zone out and want to stick Pineapple Express on instead.

Then I moved on too the next statement which said: “Cannabis can mess with your mind and with your mood. It can disturb your sleep and can make you depressed. Some will become anxious, panicky, and even aggressive. You might see or hear things which are not there (known as hallucinations) which may be frightening. For some people, cannabis causes hours or even days of anxiety, paranoia, delusions and hallucinations that usually only settles down after the cannabis is stopped” . Never, ever in my life have I had a high off a joint that’s lasted more than… 2 hours, max, maybe push it to 2 and a half hours. It bloody helps your sleep, tell me after a heavy smoking sesh you don’t have the best sleep ever? Because I know I do, and all my friends who smoke do. I have also never met an aggressive pot smoker, try and put aggressive and stoner into the same sentence, you can’t, it’s impossible, we’re the friendliest people around. Like I stated, it affects everyone differently. Take a male who has bipolar, depression and anxiety, you could give him a pipe with cannabis in and he could smoke it. He could be irritated, paranoid and unsettled for the duration of his high, that means you don’t give him a joint again, it just made him worse, simple right? Then take another male who has cancer and hasn’t ate for weeks because of the side affects of his Chemo, you could give him a pipe again, with cannabis in, and he could be eating a sunday dinner cooked by his mum within the hour. Don’t use statistics that are based on a small group of people, we need a wider medical study on people with all sorts of different underlying conditions too get a majority on how it works with them. Then we could look into following some of America’s states steps and getting it legalised/decriminalised.

We could look into edibles, pill forms or vaporising. I personally don’t care if it’s legalised for recreational use, because a lot of people will get their hands on it for medical use anyway if they wanted it, purely for pain management, but I think if it’s legalised for medical purposes, we should do the same for everyone else who wants too just smoke it every now and then, like going down to the local for a pint.

We are never going to get anywhere with medical studies, never mind legalising for recreational use, if people don’t know the wider pictures of how it can help people, and how these warning signs do actually only affect one in so many people who will consume cannabis.
Like I stated, it’s the same as any person on any type of drug. Not every human can consume cocodamol. Not everyone is going to fit under the ‘cannabis is great‘ category because that would be impossible.
From the medical side, it will be hit and miss with people having it on prescription, but more will be hit than miss, and more will get benefits out of it than keeping it illegal and leaving people with no option but to go to a dealer, then the government complains about the crime rates but then never agree to discuss online petitions in the houses of parliament for legalisation that get over 200,000 signatures?

Before you make a judgement on the topic, just take a look at me.

12006077_1602559070006056_21333170205615374_n I’m 19, and I was a high achieving University student before I fell ill, but I still have a lot ahead of me for the future and cannabis has only done good for me, never bad, and has never held me back. The only thing that has… bingo! MY ILLNESS.
My illness that no prescription drugs are helping to date. My illness that can rob me from my basic capabilities when my flares are extreme. My illness that is still baffling doctors to this day because it’s so complex and still poorly understood.
Nobody I know has ever become addicted, I find people become reliant on it, but never addicted, if they don’t have it for 3-4 days (for example) they wouldn’t be climbing the wall for a ‘fix’.
There’s a lot of people like myself who are young and want to have a natural option to medication rather than pumping our young bodies with all sorts of pills and potions that never do anything anyway.
I honestly don’t see why we aren’t following the other countries, and the states in America that are passing the law. I don’t understand it at all. Why do we keep getting pumped with bad information on cannabis in the news? There’s good and bad to everything, yet tobacco that actually causes millions of deaths per year is still legal. Oh, and how many deaths has Cannabis caused alone in history? That’s right, none.

On debate.org there is a question about the legalisation of cannabis in the UK. They asked their readers to vote on it. A whopping 85% voted yes. That should say a lot… shouldn’t it? But still, David Cameron and the conservatives will not discuss this. All I have to ask them is… why? Seriously, why?

You also find that those against it have either never tried it, or didn’t have a nice high when trying it. Neither one of those is a reason to get at people for using it.
One comment on the debate.org site was off a UK citizen who seems to think that cannabis damages your insides and makes you reckless… Again my friend, it depends on the person using it. But you also have a string of positive comments on the other side, and what’s the top 2 consisting of? THE DISCUSSION OF IT HELPING THEIR MS.

I could go on forever and ever, but I’ll stop here.

Please let me know what your opinions on the subject are, and if you agree or disagree with me. I’m not usually open about things like this but I do feel like it’s a subject that’s been brewing for a while, and I’ve needed to comment on it.



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