~ Naked Skin ~

I love nothing more than a fresh feeling face. I love the feeling of zero make-up and being able to give my eyes a good rub and not worry about messing up my winged liner and my eyebrows ending up on my forehead (as Kylie Jenner would say ‘not cute‘).

Since falling ill (I say falling ill, I was always ill, but since being diagnosed) I’ve ended up wearing less and less make-up during the day, even if I go out on a night when I’m well enough it’s minimum, 95% of the time, so I’ve been delving into the ‘naked skin‘ look more and looking at what products can help create the perfect look that will also make my skin feel like it’s make-up free (near enough).

I love using the Urban Decay Beauty Balm in shade Medium as that gives a flawless coverage that I’m always complimented on, and it’s so thin it feels like you’ve barley got any make-up on. It doesn’t cover everything, because it’s simply not thick enough, but when I’m going for the naked skin look, I don’t really want it to cover every imperfection. It’s light and it’s such a lovely glowing colour that it lasts all day round. The other beauty balm I love to use is the Simple BB Cream. I bought my mum this for Christmas and she loved it that much and got so many compliments that my Grandma also bought it and loved it equally as much. It’s the type of product that any age can use, I’m 19 and love it, my grandmas 70 and loves it. It’s made by Simple skin care so it has nothing in it that can irritate your skin. It’s a little thicker than the Urban Decay Balm, but I love it equally as much and it’s a good alternative as it’s much cheaper than the Urban Decay one.

The mascara I’ve been using a lot recently is the Rimmel day-to-night mascara, it has two different wands, one for day and… well, one for night! The day one spreads your lashes out and adds length and doesn’t clump at all. You can build and build it and it still won’t clump. I use my eyelash curlers when applying this mascara. It really gives a good natural look for your eyes. If you want to go crazy, add a pale pink or a cream colour to your eyelids.

For eyebrows I’ve been using what I always use, the Make-up Revolution eyebrow kit. It comes in 3 different shades, so some days when I really wanna do my eyebrows but have zero effort I just use a mix between the lightest shade and the medium shade to simply fill them in, which takes all of 20-30 seconds and they never come out too dark, they always just look natural and I love doing that. Instead of drawing the arch on, and making them longer/thicker, I simply just colour them in with this kit.

Lastly, over Christmas I asked for some Burts Bee’s things off my mum and she bought me a set that included some of their nourishing hydrating lip balms. They’re that good I now own 5. I never want to go without this product now in all honesty, and some of the balms have a tint to them so it’s perfect for a naked skin look with a touch of pink (it will state if they’re tinted on the tube, usually the tinted ones are a little more expensive). My favourite lip balm out of all of the ones I own is the Burts Honey balm. It smells sooooooo good!!!



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