Urban Decay’s Newest Edition

Urban Decay has brought out a new Vice palette and I honestly think that they’ve stopped my heart. They’re KILLING it recently. First they took my breath away with the Gwen Stefani palette (still in the process of writing a review for that, so keep your eyes peeled) then they brought out their lipstick collection by Gwen and NOW 16 days into the new year they’ve made beauty headlines over EVERYONE’S blog about their new Vice palette. I first heard the news on HelloGiggles and was straight on Google for where I could buy one.
I do have to admit, I sadly only own one palette by Urban Decay, purely because I’m a poor student *cries* but I’m making sure that I add more to the collection this year.
I’ve loved the look of their previous Vice palettes… but this one, is a must have for me. This palette has a wide range of colours from the pictures I’ve seen already, they have the perfect mix of old shades and new.

urban decay 1

In this palette they’ve included 3 totally new shades *eeeek*, 5 vintage shades, 5 exclusives from past palettes and 7 bestsellers from their singles collection. So it sounds like it’ll be the type of palette that… well, anyone could use. And I love that, I love how diverse Urban Decay are, they offer something for everyone. From black matte to metallic brick red, to pale taupe-silver satin to deep olive green matte shades, this palette would work well for any occasion.

Not only are the eyeshadows to die for, the palette itself is beautiful. They’ve really outdone themselves with the packaging.

urban decay 2

It’s safe to say that even though I only own one Urban Decay palette, that it’s the best eyeshadow palette I’ve ever owned and I would recommend it to anyone to buy, the price puts a lot of people off, but they’ll last and last and you won’t need to keep buying cheap palettes that you end up never using because the colours aren’t pigmented enough, or they don’t come off the brush properly.

Apparently in the US it’s hitting stores on the 24th, I’m not too sure about the UK but I can imagine we won’t be far behind.

Are any of you guys thinking of purchasing this palette? Let me know in the comments below!



5 thoughts on “Urban Decay’s Newest Edition

  1. This is beautiful! I’m definitely going to want this one! I just posted a picture and a look I did with the Vice 4 palette if you want to check it out! Lovely post! xo 🙂

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