How To: ~ Gothic Hollywood Glamour ~

mememememeThis week I watched the Brits nominations and found out online that the Oscar nominations are out; (Wolf Alice have been nominated for a Brit, amazing, and if Leo doesn’t win an Oscar this year… I’ll go nuts).
But in light of the headlines on these red carpet events I thought I would do a new look with my make-up, a classic look with my own twist.
I thought to myself ‘if I was to do someone’s make-up for one of these classic awards show… how would I do it?‘ and I worked from there. I’m by no means a make-up artist, but I do know a thing or two and have been practicing skills since I was 14, so I thought I would challenge myself from my every day make-up looks to try something different.

I would love to attend one of these events, clearly, who wouldn’t?
So I started to do my research into the ‘Gothic Hollywood Glamour look’ as a starting point and came across three of my favourite gal’s who have rocked the look and made their mark.

I love how each of these famous ladies have rocked the look and slayed it to heaven and back. I studied Lily’s look mainly (in the middle) and wanted to rock the thick brows and the bold lips mainly.

So I sat myself down at my make-up desk and decided yes, I wanted to do a classic Hollywood Glamour look, with the popping eyes, the thick brows, the contour and the false lashes. But I wanted to add my own twist too it.
I love nothing more than thick black eyeshadow and bold dark lips. I noticed that Miranda rocked the black eyeshadow, but Lily and Khloe went for more a natural look with their eyes. It was a very hard challenge to not draw my winged liner on, I have to admit, but I felt like it created more of a sleek, clean look without the bold wings added, as sometimes I feel like they can distract away from the work I put in with my eyeshadow, and any look I create has winged liner in, so I took a brave step and decided to leave the liner in the make-up bag.
Usually the ‘Classic Hollywood Glamour look‘ includes pin curls (I didn’t do my hair to perfection this time round, I just slicked it back with gel), false lashes, the high arch brows, and usually red lips and bold eyes.

                       These are all the products I used to create this look.

Before I did anything with my face, I started on my eyes. I find that there’s nothing worse than having bits of eye-shadow flaking off onto your foundation and your under eye, you can never remove it simply, it’s always the biggest challenge in the world. It’s better to be able to wipe off the excess with a wipe with no worries of removing any other make-up.
I used the last two shades of the Gwen Stefani palette for this look. I used two shades, ‘Blackout’ and the very shimmery gold ‘1987’, that is so SO beautiful!
To apply the ‘1987’ I used my NYX  all over eyeshadow brush to colour in the corners of my eyes with gold, and used my Mac blending brush to blend it over my crease to create a shimmery glow. Then I moved onto ‘Blackout’ and again I used my NYX eyeshadow brush to pack the colour on, and then the Mac blending brush to blend it with the 1987 gold colour. I did this 3/4 times. Just keep repeating until you get both eyes even. If it takes a few attempts, don’t worry, you’ll get it. (Any black/gold eyeshadow would work for this look – a lot of people rave about Make-up Revolutions palettes. I can’t say I’ve ever tried them myself. But I would say they’d be a good choice after reading a lot of reviews, I looked at them in Superdrug and I would use the Ultra Flawless Matte 32 shade palette, or the Iconic Dreams Palette). I then used a face wipe to get rid of any excess shadow that fell under my eyes and my cheeks, and went onto my base.

For my base I used my Nars Sheer Glow foundation with my Real Techniques foundation brush, this foundation is so thin and lightweight, and is super smooth to apply, so I love it. I’ve always been a fan of Matte foundations until a friend suggested to try a foundation thats more lightweight and had a glow too it, and he was totally right.
I feel like a good glowy foundation should be used for this look, as it really does brighten up your face.

Next I used my Rimmel London Match Perfect Concealer that really brightens up my under eye and covers my dark circles (I’ve talked about Rimmel concealers in previous blog posts, I swear by them – and coming from someone who suffers naturally with puffy dark circles under her eyes – I’d take my advice and at least just try it – it may not work for everyone, but I do love it). I also drew my brows on with the Makeup Revolution Eyebrow palette that I’ve spoken about in recent posts. I used the darkest colour this time because I really wanted my brows to stand out, and really wanted to thick them up.

In the top left hand corner you can see I used both of my sleek palettes for contouring. (One palette is is a Highlighter kit and the other is a contour kit) I used my Make-up Revolution contour brushes to apply the glow, then the bronze, then back onto the glow, and carried on with this routine until I was happy with how it looked.
In all honesty, it really doesn’t take me too long to get my contouring right because I’ve been practicing it for years now, especially on my nose (as it’s not my best feature) so if it takes you a while to get the hang of it, don’t worry too much 🙂 It’s all work in progress! I found the best way to learn was through YouTube videos.

I topped my eyes off with the Soap and Glory Thick and Fast mascara and used the half lashes in my eye-lure set. It states on the back of the box that these can be used alone or on top of the full lashes included in the set, but I found that just the half ones worked just fine for this look.( I didn’t want my eye’s to be too over dramatic because of the eye-shadow I’d packed on previously).

After applying my face make-up and my shadows, I spritz my face with the L’oreal setting spray and wiped the excess water from the spray with my Real Techniques blending brush. I like doing this as when I’ve left the spray to set on its own without swiping a brush over it, it’s dried funny and has left marks on my foundation where the spray has set, which is hard to fix once its dried. So I’d use a blending brush to just give your face a good once over.

Finally I finished my look off with the Barry M Lip Liner in shade Plum and used my Real Techniques Retractable Lip Brush to apply my Lord&Berry Lipstick. I wish I could tell you the shade, I bought it so long ago! I’m pretty sure it’s ‘Cupid’ but it seems more dark than the colour on the Selfridges site. But any dark brown/plum colour will work well with this look.

Hollywood glamour 2
(Just so everyones aware… I am wearing a top. I was just scared it was falling down, lol)

What do you think of my twist on the classic Hollywood Look?
Let me know in the comments 🙂



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