Rare Disease Day – February 29th.

Keep this date saved on your calendar, as February the 29th is ‘Rare Disease Day’. This day is aimed at spreading awareness of diseases that aren’t very well known in society.
Tweet about it, Facebook it, even a £1 donation to your chosen rare disease charity. It’s all about raising more awareness and breaking the taboo of the subject. Talk openly, be honest, raise as much awareness as you can. Too many people feel like they can’t talk openly about their disease, or it’s seen as ‘attention seeking’ or nobody will care. Way way way too many people feel alone and feel isolated. The more awareness, the better, that’s why I’m happy being so open about my problems. Many young women end up bed bound and completely debilitated by this disease, and it’s time to stand up (without fainting *wink*) and be counted. Let’s spread the word and find a cure.


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