I got Sunshine

Even though I’m sat here in bed with extreme pain and bloating in my stomach, I can finally look out of my window and smile that there’s SUN!

I live in England so in February sunshine isn’t exactly something we get as a reoccurring event, and seeing the sun today has made me super excited for the summer!

Is it just me that seems to be in a better mood straight away when it’s sunny? Even if it’s not that warm? It just makes me feel happier! I’ve always been the same, I even have a sun tattooed on my back because it reminds me of happiness and warmth. 🙂

I feel like sunshine is something we all need, and I need it now more than ever, there is honestly nothing that makes me happier ❤

And yes, this is a blog post dedicated to the fact its sunny today… AND WHAT?



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