Top 5: Beauty Lessons learned along The Way

I’ve been into beauty from being around 14/15, and i’m nearly 20, so I like to think i’ve learned a lot along the way. Here’s my top 5 beauty lessons i’ve learned that I want to share with you all!

1) Dry Shampoo is king… just don’t spray it too close, especially if you have dark hair.
I was never a big dry shampoo fan, but as my hair got longer and my ability to stand in my Uni shower became less bearable, a flat-mate told me to just buy some dry shampoo… So I very reluctantly did, knowing my hair would feel disgusting after one use… I purchased the Batiste Coconut and Tropic Fruit version and honestly? it was wonderful!
It was really light-weight in my hair, didn’t leave any marks and didn’t dry my scalp out. I’ve tried other dry shampoo’s and most just .. don’t feel right in my hair or leave a residue which I can’t stand. But this one seemed to work very well for me and I’ve used it ever since, and i’ve experimenting with the different scents. I wouldn’t go without it now, it really is a life saver, especially when you have last minute plans! So, don’t knock it till you’ve tried more than one or two brands. I’m guilty of that…

2) Winged eyeliner will make your eyes stand out so much. It also takes forever to apply.
I started learning the art of winged liner at age 15 and it took a good year and a half before I could apply it properly within a few minutes without any smudges or smears. Once you get the hang of it, you’ve got it for life and you won’t forget it… kinda like riding a bike. It makes your eyes stand out so much and it really draws attention away from my under-eye area that I usually hate, because I’m naturally dark under my eyes. Yuck!
But honestly, winged liner.. it changes your life when you learn how to do it properly. I suggest YouTube tutorials and hours of apply and reapplying.
*Side Note: You may end up feeling like your eyes are raw if you take it off and re-apply too much, i’ve been there, it stings, please use moisturiser!*

3) Bleaching your hair at home isn’t possible.
Well, it is, but it ends up patchy and you have sores all over your scalp for all of eternity. Just go to the hairdressers guys.

4) Never apply too much thick concealer under your eyes.
This is a no no! Wanna know something worse than dark circles? Obviously covered up dark circles, that’s what! If you apply a thick layer of concealer and keep going over and over one particular area, your under-eye area will look completely caked on (which nobody likes).
Not only that but it will usually look very heavy, lighter than the rest of your face, not blended and can just show your bags even worse. Less is more. If you have a bit of puffiness or darkness under your eyes, you can deal with that. But being tired and having caked your under eyes with thick concealer… it’s just not a good mix at all. I’ve been there, and I’m never going back.

5) Washing your conditioner off with cold water does make your hair shiny.
And it feels sooooooooo good! If you haven’t done this already, do it!



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