Life inspires Writing.

c62e8d215e7d00b5554a561a9eb3127cMy life inspires my writing, I think most writers (especially bloggers) can hold their hands up and say ‘yep, thats very true’. So usually when something traumatic happens (the same for if anything good happens) my immediate response is to write down how I’m feeling, how it’s affecting me and anything i’ve learned from that experience. I love listening to other peoples stories and you can gain so much from someone else’s experiences, how they viewed their situation, and sometimes (as I once learned in English) we even exaggerate our stories to make them sound more exciting, dramatic, sad, euphoric.. I love sharing stories, no matter how personal. I don’t think that makes me egotist, well I’m pretty certain it doesn’t, because I enjoy writing, and any one of you right now could write a story or a blog on something that interests you or something that you want to share in any form you like. You can write down anything! From your opinions on a certain topic or your thoughts on the new lipstick you bought from Mac. You can share stories and help other people, or simply make a collection of articles you like and why.

I think that a lot of writers, especially one’s that share, get a lot of stick for what they write or how they do it.
For example, you have songwriters. Songwriters are my favourite type of writer, through-out my teenage years i’ve become so inspired by song-writers and how magical it is to put a song together.. naturally I learned to play the guitar.
But then you have say, Taylor Swift, who gets labeled as obsessive, boy crazy and ‘don’t say anything bad about her, she’ll write a song about you lol‘ for writing about experiences she found inspiring to write about. Whats wrong with that? She write about relationships from a personal point of view to her writing merely from the outside looking in at situations she felt inspirational or heartbreaking enough to write about.
Shouldn’t that be a thing to tell young people everywhere to admire? After-all songwriting is a form of poetry, and if the world is able to come across such a fantastic lyricasist, especially as young as Taylor is, we should focus on her raw talent and ability and use her as the poster girl for that and not boys boys boys boys..

Anybody that shares anything, especially online, is going to get some form of backlash from people that don’t agree, think your attention seeking or you’re just disliked by them (it happens). But I’ve learned to not care about what people say. I mean, I’ll always be over protective of my work and it’s harsh when someone doesn’t agree with what I write about or the way I do it, but for me, I couldn’t really care. Because it’s my work that I’ve worked hard on, and it’s damn right rude if I’m honest to beat someone down who shares their thoughts, opinions and feelings.

My life inspires my writing like most. Putting your writing out there, no matter what it’s about, is a vulnerable thing for anyone who cares about their work, so don’t judge people for sharing, ever.

Just a few thoughts on a late-night wander. Don’t judge people harshly, just support them.


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