Spread Some Love

I came to the conclusion a few weeks ago that the majority of people are wrapped up in their everyday lives. They moan about getting the bus to work or college, they moan about their mum forgetting to iron their favourite shirt and god, all hell could break loose if they go into a shop and find that their favourite sandwich is sold out for lunch. But what’s the beauty of not being wrapped up like everyone else in day-to-day life? You get to figure out what is actually important, what’s worth living for and what matters and what really doesn’t. If you sit at the same backdoor to just get some air for 2 hours everyday because you can’t go out, or take an hour long shower sitting down, you’ll understand the frustration I can feel of the echoes from the outside world.
People complaining about such small, silly things. Or things they’ll easily get over. But when you’re battling something you can’t change, you do sort of begin to resent everybody else that can do what they wish with no second thoughts and then complain about the smallest of issues.
The only difference is, every-day now, i’m waking up with a positive mind, soul and attitude, because the real thing to be happy about? I’m still here… and so are you reading this right now.

I’ve come up with a list of 10 things I will promise myself to do everyday, things that can just add a bit of positive energy to my life, no matter how bleak it can get. Trust me, if I can do these things, so can you. 🙂

1) Smile at a stranger in the street.
2) Take 5-10 minutes in a morning to just sit in the garden and breathe.
3) Read a few pages of a book when you have a minute and the mental capability to retain the words.
4) Write a page a day about your day. Your feelings, your worries, your hopes, your fears. Write them down on this page for you and you only. Not for everyone on social media.
5) Eat an apple. Or a pear. Or a banana.  (thank you Gwen that i can spell banana)
6) Listen to 2 or 3 songs on Spotify that have been suggested, but never listened too.
7) Do a small act of kindness for someone. Anyone.
8) Any spare change? Add it to a jar. It’ll mount up fast.
9) Text a friend.
10) Take the time to listen to someone. Not partly listen, properly listen. Retain what they’re saying, they may need it.


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