3 Ways 2 Help Shake Negative Energy

Negativity can suck, right? It doesn’t matter what the situation is, or why you’ve got this negative energy lingering around you like a bad smell, at the end of the day IT SUCKS and I’m learning how to tolerate it as it seems to follow me around ever so easily.

I’ve learned the key is simply more positive thinking that out-weights the negative.

That sounds sooooo cliche, right? But it’s true.
I’m focusing this article on when everything you seem to come in contact with is negative. Experiences, people, places, and how you can look at life in a different perspective.

We’ll never shake negativity off, negativity and positivity will always live together, but the key is this (or so I read…)

  1. The more positive thoughts you have, the more positive tasks, roles or positive things you do through-out the day will inevitably outweigh negatives.

So for example, you have that one friend thats always sucking the life out of you one way or another. Whether it seems like a continuous gaining for their benefit by using you, or they’re never grateful, either way you don’t need that. The more grateful you are towards others, the more you should get back, is the theory. But you can only control so much.

2. You can only control so much. For example, you can’t change a person to best fit you, you can’t make them more forgiving, more polite, but you can move your focus and energy simply.. away from them.

A lot of us think that we’re stuck with the situations we’re put in. But, we aren’t. As the old saying goes… you are not a tree.

3. You also don’t get a say on whether or not you want to go into school or work. But you do get a say in how you plan your morning routine, what music you listen too, how you approach your day in general.

These small changes can make a big impact on your life. It isn’t about everything being perfect and you having the control of all negative energy, but simply, how to deal with negative energy and in a way, how we can help ourselves avoid it. We’re always going to live with positive and negative energy, it’s how you deal with the two living together that makes the difference. (in my opinion).




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