Chronic Life and Social Life (House-bound Edition)

Today’s post is going to be re-visiting one of my last posts ‘Chronic Life and Social Life’ but more from a ‘house/bed/hospital bound’ perspective. I’m not strictly house-bound. But the majority of my days I find myself in bed, in the living room, or.. in my room but not actually ‘in’ bed. Sometimes hospital, but thats usually for appointments. I rarely do much else. So this post is really more… how to not go insane when the majority of your social interactions face-to-face are with your parents, S/O or pet.


Everyone has their individual opinions on social media. Yeah it can be tough being a teenager or young adult without adding social media into the mix and the ability of a whole new type of bullying just a few clicks away. So I can understand why people are hesitant about it. But it’s not all bad. Since being sick I’ve found myself looking at the internet in a whole new light. Not only are there countless social media pages, private pages to do with your illness(s) and sites on my conditions ran by other people with my conditions, and all the members.. have my conditions. (How many times did I say conditions then, god damn)

Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram… you will find a wide range of people across the Globe just like yourself and it can feel less lonely when you’re always looking at the same four god damn walls. Not only that, but boy it’s easy to connect with friends and let them know how I’m doing (when I have the energy, considering the energy it can take to type I dread to think about being chronically ill when the only form of communication other than face-to-face was a written letter). I also get to update my blog (when I can) and have people contact me that usually wouldn’t, and people who read my words from all around the world. Couldn’t do that without social media could I? It has its perks.



Now you know you’re either a) chronically ill b) a book worm or c) both when you manage to complete a book in less than 24 hours!
For me, books are a way of getting outside of my four walls, not into the outdoors, but into another world. I started to download books onto my iPad but realised this wasn’t a great option when you suffer with light-sensitivity , so a good old fashioned book of whatever genre you please is always a fantastic option if you can’t go outdoors. (P.S Amazon has a GREAT collection, if you aren’t into reading so much you can purchase some really unique books from ASOS Or Urban Outfitters that can range from adult colouring books to Yoga Books to Mindfulness books where you keep your thoughts and it doesn’t feel so much like a diary).


Gaming can come in a few different forms, it doesn’t have to be online video gaming shooting people like most imagine. There’s a) Board Games b) Computer Games/Xbox/PS/etc..

Now I’m 20, I rarely play board-games. I was desperate to get my hands on Monopoly after being re-inspired at my friends one night when they got 8 of us to fully participate in the Xbox version for houuuuurs and everyone LOVED IT! So I wanted to re-visit the classic, obviously the physical version, and re-live a bit of my childhood.

But on the other hand I do love video games. I’m not really into XBOX or PS2/3/4 or however many versions they have to date. I love games on my iPad, especially strategy games. I love my Mac and I love that I have Origin and The Sims 4 on demand too. There’s nothing like getting out of your own head for a while and focusing on something else, or in the case of The Sims, become a Professional Chef, get married, watch your kids grow and start a new generation within a couple hours. Neat!
*Don’t play any video game when you have a head-ache/migraine coming on and thank me later*


This isn’t something I get to do a lot because I get zapped of energy pretty easy. But there’s nothing better than getting a good cook book and reading through it. I like to circle recipes I am really determined to make and get round to them when I can. For me, it’s just the idea of having something inspiring to look forward to doing.

My latest cook book has been Deliciously Ella, and the author, Ella also has PoTs.
She has claimed to have relieved many symptoms by changing her diet, so I’m on the road to this challenge, although it can be difficult when it comes to fresh, clean eating. The recipes are supposed to be easy to make, and don’t get me wrong, a lot of the ones I’ve tried are, but some do take preparation time that I simply don’t have. But who knows? I may start gradually getting energy back through this healthy eating and can tackle some ‘tougher’ dishes that take a little longer to make. But it’s all progress! Plus, it’s fun!
Her breakfast and smoothie sections are worth checking out, as i’ve found these are the simplest to make and prepare and breakfast is always my toughest meal of the day. I find smoothies can also be a good substitute for when you just feel that sluggish that you can’t bare to eat.

These are, again, just some ideas that i’ve gathered myself. I’m sorry if you’ve got to the end of this like… well i’ve done all these things! Because I’ve done that myself! I’ve googled things to do if you’re sick and house bound and a lot of the same things come up again and again, so I tried to just think of things I do myself. Sometimes it helps my boredom and sometimes it simply doesn’t. Having a chronic illness is about taking everything one step at a time, day by day. Just because you read an awesome book 2 nights ago doesn’t necessarily mean that you want to read another one tonight.

It also won’t be easy to keep in touch with everyone, this is a sad fact I’ve faced. Simply because everyone else is busy with their lives and don’t always think to check up on you. But the ones that really do care and matter, will. I know, cliche, totally. But it is true.
Like I said though, it’s the 21st century, it’s easier than ever to keep in touch! Social Media, again, has helped me out more than I could ever credit it for.

Take it all in your stride.

If you have any suggestions to add to this list, anything I haven’t covered or maybe haven’t tried before, please comment below. I’d love to read what you all do to keep yourself sane 😉



2 thoughts on “Chronic Life and Social Life (House-bound Edition)

  1. I just visited your blog, and you seem like such a lovely, fun person! I also enjoy baking. If you ever want to exchange recipes, that’d be fun—two of my favorite things to bake are granola bars and Nutella-stuffed cookies. : )
    Looking forward to reading more!

    Liked by 1 person

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