Cannabis and Period Pain

Hi all.

I’ve already published a post on my opinions of cannabis and its uses for many conditions, including my own, but one thing i’ve not covered is it’s use with period pain.

Again, i’m not a doctor, or a medical professional. These are just my opinions and views.

Using cannabis has lots of effects, but we need to remember that it can cause physiological issues depending on the user. For me, i’ve had no issues mentally since my first use.

Daily, if needed, I won’t smoke for any sort of ‘benefit’ besides the numbing of pain and the ability to move freely without pain. My conditions though, don’t just stop during my period, so I have to balance PoTs, Fibro, Ehlers danlos related symptoms, chronic fatigue and my period. But if I smoke and I’m in pain with all those conditions, I’ll  forget I’m on my period, and if i’m honest, my family history with periods is a messy one. No pun intended.

I never thought that would be possible.

It relieves cramps and pain and helps me stay away from any period pain tablets, as they usually involve anti-inflammatory drugs and my kidney can’t handle them.

These are just my opinions, and the law in my country is still classing cannabis as an illegal substance, so it’s tricky for any doctor to advice the use of it.
Then again, if you tell a doctor you use it and it helps something, i.e chronic pain, severe period pain, fibromyalgia (in my case) they won’t tell you to stop.
If anything, i’ve had intellectual conversations with medical professionals who have agreed that cannabis can replace many addictive drugs that have been thrown at me for the majority of my teenage years and “the only trouble you’ll cause is if you start to deal it”, which lets be honest, anyone using it medicinally would never do. It helps us, why would we want to add any attention to ourselves?

Anyhow, this is a quick post. Back onto the subject, it helps my conditions month after month, and during that 1 week  every month when mother nature comes knocking on the door, my conditions get severe. I couldn’t have imagined anything would ever help my conditions and make my period pain fade, but… hey weed.



3 thoughts on “Cannabis and Period Pain

  1. It’s a shame that the medicinal use of cannabis isn’t being looked at more closely. I have seen many a thing on it’s ability to help with the symptoms of Parkinson’s recently too.
    It’s a shame that we continue to be labelled in the same category as those who use it recreationally and give those who do use it for medicinal purposes a bad name.

    I’m glad that it helps you!

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  2. Hope they legalize it soon. Surely it will be even better when a medical professional can help monitor quality & dose. Meanwhile its more important you look after yourself than obeying a law that is wrong..

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