Whats a Morning Routine like with PoTs?

Before I start this post I want to emphasise that ‘morning’ is not always ‘morning‘ for people with PoTs, or any chronic health condition. Morning could be 4pm, so bare that in mind 😉

But, this morning I did wake up at 7am. Which can be un-heard of for me, but recently I have been getting up earlier, having a nap in the afternoon and being able to stay up then to watch evening TV (obviously this doesn’t always go to plan)!

Anyway, my morning usually consists of slowly getting up out of bed, and by slowly I really do mean slowly. Rising in a morning (or afternoon) can be exceptionally difficult for PoTs sufferers as our blood pools and likes to gather at the bottom of our body. So imagine, every single time you stand up your heart-rate increases significantly and all your blood pools towards the bottom of your body, and you’ve been lay down for 10 hours. Getting out of bed is a task and a half, and that simple thing can suddenly cost you spoons.

Next is the bathroom, then heading downstairs slowly.
Still, usually hazy and feeling faint from having gotten up. Most days I will have a coffee. Some people with PoTs don’t like coffee, as it stimulates your heart and can cause further heart rate increase, palpitations, etc. Luckily, if I only have a cup or 2 I don’t get any significant palpitations, it just boosts my energy, even if it’s ever so slightly.

I prefer to try and eat at this stage, but most times it’s impossible. Recently my stomach has just felt.. blocked off? It’s weird feeling hungry but also repulsed at the thought and sight of any food.

It can take a couple of hours for me to get into the world properly. I like to watch TV, catch up on the news and check social media… nothing out of the ordinary for someone of my age. But I do have symptoms I battle in a morning, and usually in a morning it’s worse. A lot, lot worse!

Usually the symptoms that are the worst in a morning for me personally are:
– nausea
-feeling faint
-joints clicking a lot more than usual
-stomach bloating
-sore lymph nodes

The things I’ve found beneficial to do in a ‘morning’ to lessen symptoms are:
-forcing some sort of food down me, even if it’s a dry biscuit so I can take my tablets sooner rather than later so they kick in faster. If I can’t eat at all, smoothies to drink are a good idea.
-Drinking a pint of water before or just after getting out of bed.
-Drinking water after a coffee (or before)
-Try to stay awake once risen. even if you’re tired, try and stay up for an hour or two, then go back to bed. Staying in bed 24/7 isn’t a great idea for your body.
-Stretch to avoid muscle spasms.
-Avoid showering in a morning to save spoons.

If you have any tips on coping in a morning with PoTS, please comment below 🙂 Morning routines are hard with PoTs, and usually symptoms are worse when first rising. Any other suggestions are more than welcome, and if you’re reading this thinking about a loved one with PoTs, please remember that we can’t always set a time to get up and get going, sometimes we need our rest, and any extra help you can give is always greatly appreciated.

Jess x


One thought on “Whats a Morning Routine like with PoTs?

  1. I get up in stages. I have small children; one of which goes to school. My husband is amazing and takes her for me but this is my morning routine:
    I set an alarm to go off to wake me up and remind me to take my morning tablets.
    I then sit myself up a little. I have one of those one cup boiling kettle things and I set everything up the night before so I can just press the button when I wake up.
    I drink a cup of decaf coffee and sit myself fully up.
    My hubby brings me a pack of dried fruit or something just to get my digestive system going as like you I really suffer with the actual feeling of food inside me sometimes!
    I then sit and snuggle with my little boy and have another coffee and he will play happily on the iPad for another hour and then I slowly get us both ready so I can take him to nursery in the afternoon.


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