HPV Vaccination: Dangers. DO YOUR RESEARCH.

Blog posts and newspaper articles on the HPV Vaccination anger me to say the least. Not only do people treat the vaccination as a miracle, they don’t look into the negative side-effects, or they do and make them out to be non-existent.

I was one of the first year groups to have the vaccination in 2008/9 in the United Kingdom. I was 12/13 at the time and all I remember was taking a letter home to my parents to sign (with the typical side-effect warnings on the letter, nothing out of the ordinary), and my parents like so many others signed it without a second thought.

Little did we know that this time round the repercussions of the vaccination would be life long.

Within a year of my 3rd vaccination I started my period. Like any teenage girl this was a daunting time, but not once did I expect to be thrown straight into the deep end (literally) and I bled for months straight (and an unusual amount at that). This has happened with many other females after the vaccination too.
Within 6 months that same year I was sleeping a LOT. I’d sleep 12 hours and still be exhausted and my parents would scream at me to get out of bed. This was when I found out I had developed glandular fever out of the blue (I had never kissed anyone) and with that came an awful bout of Chronic Fatigue (which never went away).
Within 12 months I had developed IBS, depression and the worst heart palpitations that would leave me breathless and with stabbing pains in my chest (which turned out to be PoTs).

By the time I went to college in 2012 I started suffering with extremely bad Fibromyalgia.
Not once did I associate any of these problems with the vaccination, for years I didn’t even think about the vaccination causing this.

Since becoming aware of the issues that come with this vaccination, myself and my parents are connecting with more and more families who have been affected by the HPV Vaccination and it is no coincidence that like myself, thousands of other young people have developed PoTS and chronic fatigue syndrome after the jab. Before the vaccination like myself, all these people were healthy individuals.

Unfortunately I will never get rid of my issues, I’ve been told some may ease with age but i’ve not noticed any change from 13 to 21. If anything, it’s gotten worse.

This vaccination is being sold as ‘safe’ despite ongoing investigations stating otherwise. To me, the safest option would be for parents and teachers to teach young people about HPV and how to minimise the chances of transmission, not a jab that is clearly affecting more people in a negative way rather than a positive. The vaccination also only lasts a certain number of years, so if your child has the vaccination age 13, the chances are that by their mid 20’s the vaccination won’t even be active anymore. So why are we risking young peoples health?

So please, read about the risks that can happen with this vaccination. Please do your research. Too many young people are suffering from a jab that our governments tell us is safe.

Thank you.



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