October Haul – Spoonie Edition

Hi all,

I rarely do posts like this, but I want to get into doing them more!

I do buy a lot of beauty products, I guess you could call it a hobby (since I don’t play the guitar anymore, damn you EDS). Skincare, body care, make-up brushes, you name it, I’ve got them! A lot of females are the same, but since becoming ill, I’ve been focusing more on beauty and spa products that will help me, and to be honest I was surprised how many brands there are out there with products focused on relaxation.

So I started purchasing from brands like Burts Bee’s and Champneys Spa at Boots and I wanted to see how I could benefit from these products and how they’d help my body (plus, I love experimenting with bath and body products, who doesn’t?)
I needed all the help I could get when it came to bubble baths that actually help aches and pains, and sleep sprays that actually, you know, HELP you sleep. So, through trial and error I found a few great items that I know i’ll re-buy again and again. I’ll explain under each item why it helps, how its helped and where to buy (most, from Boots).




Feather&Down is a brand sold in Boots stores and online in the UK. I’ve never tried any other Feather&Down products but this spray makes me want to buy their collection. The spray is a beauty aroma of lavender and chamomile, but isn’t too strong. I use this spray around my room around 5 minutes before bedtime along with the Champgnes Linen and Pillow spray.

Burt’s Bee’s



I love Burts bee’s. I started purchasing mini’s from this brand back in 2015 when I moved back home and I love them. I’m so happy I got back into buying these products, and I started my collection back off with the Tips+Toes kit that I got back in the winter of 2015 and its a brilliant introduction into Burts Bee’s and what their products are like. 
The kit include


  • Almond Milk Hand Creme (0.25 oz.)
  • Hand Salve (0.3 oz.)
  • Thoroughly Therapeutic Honey & Grapeseed Hand Creme (0.75 oz.)
  • Coconut Foot Creme (0.75 oz.)
  • Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream (0.3 oz.)
  • Replenishing Lip Balm (0.15 oz.)

My favourites of the kit have to be the ‘Thoroughly Therapeutic Honey and Grapeseed Hand Creme’ which really is therapeutic. I don’t know what it is about this hand cream but if I’m getting joint pain/swelling it really helps calm my hands down and has the best smell! The other favourites have to be the coconut foot creme which I now have in a larger size (which is the best foot lotion you can buy, it’s sticky, and the substance is very much like honey so it really does work and get rid of any dry skin). Last is the lip balm that Burts Bees do. I bet a lot of you have heard of the conspiracy that many lip balms have tiny bits of glass particles to make you buy more lip balms, I can guarantee you, Burt doesn’t do this ;).

Champneys Spa

22014832_1901873866741240_54491356_nChampneys Spa has been a life saver for me since finding them in Boots. Last Christmas I wrote a little list for my grandma of things I would like that I thought would help me and she got me a mini Champneys set with the Good as New Heavenly Days pillow spray. Since using that mini, I’ve had several more bottles of this stuff because it really does work. I like to use a mixture of Champneys and Feather&Down in my bedroom and on my bed linen before bed because it really does relax you and send you into another zone, even if you aren’t ready for bed. 

21979403_1901873806741246_39888758_nThe other Champneys products that I’ve been using are the Heavenly Days Good As New Bath+Shower products. The best of these products has to be the bubble heaven. It’s very thick, but once swilled around in bath water it creates bubbles like you’ve never seen in your life! They also have the same scent as the pillow spray, so if you use these before getting into bed linen with the Feather&Down spray then you’re guaranteed a good nights sleep.

Thanks for reading and if anyone has come across any other products in September that help spoonies, e-mail me!





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